I Will Miss Voting on Election Day

I VOTED at the Dallas County Elections Department on Round Table Drive in Dallas  TX about 15 to 20 minutes from my home around 5:15 this evening. I drove into the parking lot, was directed to a parking space, showed my photo ID, signed and printed my name and wrote my voter registration number in space 8 on a sheet of paper on a clipboard.
Jacqueline checked my signature with that on my driver license and returned my ID and brown envelope containing my ballot to me. I said, “What do I do with this, go inside?” And she answered, “Now, you vote!” She then lifted up a large blue satchel with white (or gold?) embroidered writing on it and an open zipper just wide enough to accept my brown carrier envelope into which I pushed it.
I had voted!
Jacqueline gave me my “I Voted in Dallas County” sticker, we bid each other goodbye, and I drove back home. The whole enterprise took barely 40 minutes. There was no one in front of or behind me. If Jacqueline had not been so cheerful, it would have been a sad affair.
I like to vote in person on Election Day; but since I voted absentee in the primary, the Elections Department sent me an absentee ballot for the November 3 election as well. When I found out what a Federal Case it would be to vote in person now that I had the absentee ballot, I resigned myself to voting in absentia. And it was a breeze. I don’t know how to get off of the absentee voting list, and I’m not sure I want to. It looks like the Election Day polls have seen the last of me . . .
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Complete 2020 Census, Register, VOTE!

Voting is critical, but so is the 2020 Census. I know I’ve written about the census before, but I can’t stress how important it is, especially to Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color (BIPOC).
Billions of dollars are at stake and if we aren’t all counted, it will negatively impact the amount of federal MONEY coming into our states, cities, and neighborhoods for the next TEN years. It will also affect congressional REDISTRICTING . . . for the next TEN years!
I implore you: Complete the 2020 Census if you have not already. Trump is going to make census-takers stop gathering information ahead of schedule. Be unafraid. Go to 2020Census.gov and respond NOW. It takes less than 10 minutes. . . Really!
Then, make a plan to VOTE on or before November 3. We’ve got to show up at the polls and VOTE, because the current national situation is unsustainable!
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