Welcome to speakingfreely.blog!

It is – I am – finally here. After weeks, months, years of talking about it, I am launching my blog. Why, you may ask, am I blogging? Because I love a good conversation, because I love to think and share ideas, and because I think I have a unique perspective. I think I have ideas not commonly seen in the mainstream mediasphere, points of view that you might find thought-provoking or funny. Or both.

* * *

Years ago, when I lived with my parents for a few months in Las Vegas, my father and I used to sit by the pool after I came home from work and talk about everything.  I called it solving the problems of the world, that’s how wide-ranging our late evening talks were.

Amazingly enough when one got far enough away from the Strip as my parents’ house was, the night sky presented itself in all its sparkling glory. The stars were like diamonds on black velvet and we watched them as we talked. I only lived with them for a few months before finding my own apartment, and then moving to Manhattan, but those few brief few months were some of the best times of my life. Speakingfreely.blog is dedicated to Garnet Terry and Lois Tabor Ice who always offered me the best of everything in life, and especially to my father who always was interested in my thoughts and encouraged me to speak freely.

These blog posts will be about any and everything ranging from local to national to world affairs and from the solemn to the hilarious because every time I post, I will be speaking freely about what’s on my mind.

I’m only a few keystrokes and a click away, so please don’t be a stranger . . .

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