Speaking of Confederate Monuments

Wednesday, 1 November, I addressed the Dallas City Council regarding recommendations of the Mayor’s Task Force on Confederate Monuments:

My name is Pamela Ice and I live in Dallas.

It matters to whom we erect monuments and after whom we name streets, parks, and schools, and it should not be to or after traitors. Therefore, I thank the Dallas City Council for removing the Robert E. Lee statue and changing the park name back to Oak Lawn Park; and I thank you Mayor Rawlings for establishing the Task Force on Confederate Monuments.

I agree with all but two of the Task Force recommendations. I suggest that the task force revisit Recommendation 8, and not rename streets unless they are named specifically for confederates. Names such as Lee, and Cabell are relatively common so if these street names are generic in nature, I say leave them be. Last week I was reminded by various speakers at this lectern of the costs and inconveniences residents and businesses will incur if street names such as Lee Parkway are changed unnecessarily.

Recommendation 13 calls for an apology for “the policies and practices of the City that have furthered institutional racism and segregation.” Rather than an apology for the past, my recommendation is that you and the council should actively work to eliminate City policies and practices that even today further institutional racism and segregation.

Thank you.


5 Replies to “Speaking of Confederate Monuments”

    1. Thank you for continuing to read my blog. I don’t know about brave, but I felt a need to disclose. If it helps one person realize she is innocent and not alone, it is worth any negative blowback. I appreciate your support.


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