Use Less STUFF!

I have too much stuff. I have too much stuff that I don’t even need. I have so much stuff that I can’t keep up with it all. And a stuff problem can morph into a clutter problem. That’s what too much stuff has done at my house. I’m sad to say, I threw away over two dozen canned goods today whose expiration dates had passed, not by just four or six months (I kept those), but by as much as 12 years! I had lost sight of their existence in my cabinets. I’m sure there’s more stuff that is hiding in plain sight – or in boxes – in my home.

If you’re noticing stuff/clutter building up in your home, beware. Living with clutter is not sustainable. Collecting clutter is like gaining unwanted weight. One day, you look up and it’s there; and it’s much harder to get rid of clutter than it is to let it into the house. A trinket or book here, a magazine subscription or new piece of clothing there, three-for-the-price-of-one items at the grocery on sale, and you may end of with more stuff than you need to live your life. I have a button in my kitchen that reminds me to “Use Less Stuff.” It is my new motto.

I am in the process of decluttering as all my friends and family can tell you. It’s an ongoing, and I fear, never-ending project. I’m working on both the stuff and the clutter problems simultaneously, because they are really just one big problem.

I have too much stuff. Do you?

5 Replies to “Use Less STUFF!”

  1. Is that why we’re cousins? Yes, like you, I have a problem with Too Much STUFF! I recently remodeled my walk-in closet and was surprised at all the things I rediscovered (after I don’t know how many years). In fact, just the other day, I told my son I wanted to buy something. His response was, “You don’t need another thing!” …and he’s right!
    My closet is one story, but my kitchen is another. It is well organized due to modeling your Mother’s organizational skills after grocery shopping or while she was cooking and/or entertaining.

    I hate the word “STUFF”! In fact, when my son, his friends or my nieces and nephews used the word, I would quickly ask them to use descriptive words, and to drop the word “STUFF” from their vocabularies.

    Well Cousin Pamela, I’m still sorting through the lost treasures from my closet and will began to do the same in my garage so that I can park my car in it. I have so much “STUFF” that I would have to create a major inventory list to describe it all, so in the meantime, it’s STUFF. Can you guess what I’m doing after work today, and before work tomorrow? Throwing or giving away more STUFF!! I’m finally on a ROLL.

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  2. Pamela – I was chuckling through this! Canned goods whose existence was unknown! You struck the right chord! Onward into the stuff!


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