Is the Cart before the Horse?

Happy new year and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2018!

This first post of the new year poses an important question about a topic close to my heart: #MeToo. I’m wondering if we are sometimes moving too far too fast. Here’s why:

On 3 January 2018, Dallas County Health Department director Zachary Thompson, who was scheduled to retire on 31 January, was fired because of sexual harassment and hostile work environment allegations made against him by one person. There has been no mention of an investigation into the charges, just a firing.

In early December, Minnesota Public Radio fired Garrison Keillor based on one allegation of “improper conduct” by one person . . . without an investigation into the charge.

There may be others who have been brought to ruin on the word of only one person without any proof of wrongdoing or bad behavior. My concern is that we are shooting first and asking questions afterward. In other words, in some cases, employers may have acted too expeditiously: they may have put the cart before the horse. And that’s no way to fix the problem of men behaving badly.


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