Is the Cart before the Horse? A Clarification

I don’t know Zachary Thompson or Garrison Keillor, and my concern is not about them alone. I know it can be next to impossible to get fired from a bureaucracy, but my concern remains. I am not condemning the #MeToo movement or anyone else. I’m asking a question I think is valid. Is the cart before the horse in some cases of men being fired because of sexual harassment allegations.

Because of my own experience I tend to believe every woman who says she’s been sexually assaulted or harassed, but I don’t want people losing their livelihoods with no investigation into allegations against them. If there has been an investigation, it is incumbent upon employers to reveal that when someone is fired because of one single allegation.

A good friend wrote to me about my previous post on this subject. I’m sorry she didn’t post to my blog so everyone could have seen her concerns. I hope this clarification is helpful. I don’t want anyone thinking I have an issue with #MeToo, because I don’t. It’s partly what gave me the courage to tell my own #MeToo story.

One Reply to “Is the Cart before the Horse? A Clarification”

  1. I agree with you Pamela. I think we have to be very careful lest this become a “guilty until proven innocent” situation. I do however feel that we have to give credence to all accusations,or we will end up where this all started- with women afraid to tell their stories.
    I think when the evidence is overwhelming, as it was in the cases of Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein, to name just two, some sort of a quick assessment must be made. When there is too much damning preliminary evidence it becomes a different situation than,for instance the Al Franken scenario. Unfortunately, as in all groundbreaking change the pendulum swings too far in the other direction before it settles back into a reasonable middle ground.
    The important thing is that all men (and women) are now on notice that behavior like this will never be tolerated or unspoken again.


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