There is so much to be outraged about these days that I have been nearly paralyzed by my anger and dismay for the last two months. For a while, my words failed me. But, I am doing my best to be over that now, so I’m back!

A month ago the U.S. government — Health and Human Services [HHS] to be exact — admitted to losing track of nearly 1,500 minor children who showed up at the US-Mexico border sans parents. Because they were unaccompanied, they, along with over 6,000 other children, were placed with sponsors, and now HHS can’t reach their sponsors or account for the children’s whereabouts. One concern is that these unaccounted-for children may fall prey to human traffickers. And as far as I’ve been able to discern, not much is being done to find these kids because they “are no longer [the government’s] responsibility”! Maybe, maybe not. I say #WhereAreTheChildren? What a scary, outrageous mess!

Yet another outrage is the government’s decision to split up undocumented families  at the border in a effort to dissuade people from coming to the US illegally. There is no law that requires this separation of families. Mr. Trump has tried to blame the policy on the Democrats, but there is no evidence to support that claim. The whole situation is absolutely outrageous!

Television star and Trump supporter Roseanne Barr, who is famous for her outrageous behavior, delivered an ugly little political twitter rant on 29 May, but she is not Teflon-coated like her president. Within hours of the twitter posting, ABC had cancelled her revived — and vey popular — show, the eponymous Roseanne. It’s a shame that her costars and scores of others are now out of jobs because of Barr’s mean-spirited, racist words. As for Barr herself, well, every once in a while the harm a person inflicts boomerangs right back. Ambien indeed!

More outrage next time . . .


4 Replies to “Outrage!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    I am appalled that this story of the “ missing children” hasn’t received front and center attention. I am appalled that there is so much to be appalled about,-that we are becoming completely desensitized.
    I’m so horrified at what we have become. Every degenerate, immoral, anti social creature not only has permission to speak, but also is empowered to act on their beliefs/thoughts.
    As the granddaughter of holocaust victims, and the daughter of parents who fled Nazi Germany I am truly afraid.


  2. Pamela – I am joining you in outrage! How about this one – any women’s health clinic that receive Title X funds can no longer inform pregnant patients that legal abortion is an option, not when the patient inquires and not when it may be the best option for the health of the patient. The doctor cannot discuss this. Federal dollars have not been a funding source for legal abortion since the 70s, but now it cannot even be discussed without fear of all funding loss. What happens to women then? Women without other health care options? This is outrageous!


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