Welcome to Lit Night @ Sandaga 813

Big congratulations to my friend Sanderia Faye on the successful launch of Lit Night on Wednesday, 13 June at Sandaga 813 on Exposition in Dallas!

Readers included:

Demethius Jackson kicked off the evening with a reading from Realmsic Conquest.
Susan Norman read from her eco-novel about Paolo Emilio and honeybees gone awry.
My friend Scott Branks read three pieces


Featured writer Joe Malazo read Homeopathy for the Singularity #40 and #16


I Am Will the Poet: Poetic Justice and Twelve
Namdi was reluctant to read . . . but he did it well!
Monica Bell treated us to Lemon Curd!
The barefooted Carlos presented a sensual poem
Stone and Rope by Darius
Sanderia Faye ended the evening with a reading from her current work-in-progress, Eleven Days

Check out Lit Night every second Wednesday . . .

Hope to see you next month at Sandaga 813  on Wednesday, 11 July!

And don’t worry, I am still outraged. There is more outrage to come!

One Reply to “Welcome to Lit Night @ Sandaga 813”

  1. This looks like it was an event that offered a lot! Thanks for the info about the July session. I’m checking my calendar! Good on Sanderia – proud of her!


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