Whose Life Matters?

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 4.28.07 AM
Left to right: Amber Guyger, Botham Jean

Botham Jean was a vibrant 26-year-old black Dallasite originally from St. Lucia. Until 6 September 2018 he was an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was respected and well-loved by family, friends, and colleagues. He helped numerous people, and until 6 September his future was bright and limitless.

Then Amber Guyger, a white off-duty Dallas police officer, opened his apartment door and shot him dead. Murdered him. In his own home.
It took police three days to arrest and charge her. With manslaughter, NOT murder. It doesn’t seem right. Jean is dead. Guyger is out on bail, free move about and live her life.
Let’s face it, if the tables were turned and Guyger were black and Jean were white, things would be moving at a faster pace. The shooter would be facing a murder charge and would probably be in jail. Because no matter how much I know in my heart that Black Lives Matter, it seems that white lives still matter more . . . .

2 Replies to “Whose Life Matters?”

  1. Good commentary, Pam. I also wonder what the outcome would be if Jean had shot Guyger because she was an intruder –illegally entering his apartment.


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